Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For Tequoia

Top tier is yellow cake with vanilla butter cream
 bottom tier is chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling

These cakes were created for one of my best friend, Phyrn's niece, Tequoia. Tequoia is any cake arstist's dream client. She is incredibly sweet and no fuss. I was allowed to come up with the design for her bridal shower cake and her wedding cake. I coordinated with her godmother, Tracey to find out the theme for the bridal shower.

Yellow cake with Amaretto filling

The only thing Tequoia requested was the I use shades of blue and Amaretto filling for her wedding cakes. The shower was 5-14 and the wedding 5-21. Everything is edible on both cakes. I hand painted the accents on the bridal shower cake with food coloring gels. The gold accents on the wedding cake were hand painted as well with gold luster dust.

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